Solid Waste Regulations –

Board Endorses 29 Years of The Worst Regulations​

The Solid Waste Control Board approved a package of Rules which combined the worst of the statutes from the past 20 years. ​

  • ​Tennessee will continue to be the only state which credits landfilled construction waste in their recycled numbers.​
  • There are three different ways to count the 25% diversion goal. ​​
  • County’s may choose a base year ranging from 1995 to 2003.

​Individually these three rules do not create a clear and firm framework. Together these rules do not help achieve real world diversion from filling Tennessee’s countryside with waste.

TDEC claims 50% diversion, Bio-Cycle Magazine and Columbia University, in their October 2010
national survey, stated Tennessee diverted 4.64%.

Fact—the first two speakers for the Department did not even mention jobs. We are dealing with 7 to 8 million tons of solid waste (raw materials) yet nothing was said about jobs. TDEC is a landfill enabler.

We thank TDEC. They have been consistently open and accessible.

BURNT Analysis of the Proposed Waste Reduction & Planning Rule


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