BURNT will miss Mr. R C Bartlett –

rcbartlettDecember 12, 1935
May 25, 2012

​Mr. Bartlett did not wake up from a short nap he took at home, surrounded by family. Mr. Bartlett was very grateful for his family–he and his wife raised six children. He was honored by the Tennessee General Assembly with House Joint Resolution 0910 on April 23rd, 2012. Mr. Bartlett was joined by his minister, family, and activists at a reception in his honor.

R C Bartlett was born into a sharecropper family near Athens, Alabama. Mr. Bartlett learned very strong life lessons. R C Bartlett came to Nashville in 1953 to study at then Tennessee A & I. Mr. Bartlett was on a degree course in civil aeronautics when he fell in love with driving trucks. Mr. Bartlett drove trucks in every mainland state except two and also drove in Canada. Mr. Bartlett joined BURNT because his neighborhood–the Sylvan Heights Neighborhood Association—had (and has) severe noise and diesel fume problems from a non-complying business. He was instrumental in generating funding from the General Assembly for solid waste research for TSU and MTSU. Mr. Bartlett was a well respected participant at meetings of the Solid Waste Board and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. He lived with indefatigable spirit, confidence that good things would happen, and the love he radiated.


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